5 Things to Look For When You Are Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Expert

  • May 31, 2019
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In our world today, information is arguably the most valuable currency we can own. Having access to data isn’t just beneficial in school or at home, but also in the workplace. This is often what gives companies a leg up on their competition and the primary difference maker between success and failure.

Given these circumstances, businesses need to maximize every possible medium, and this includes the Internet. But with new information being shared every single second, how can they stay on top?

Well, that’s easy. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most popular tools used to help entrepreneurs reach their target audience. They work with sites like Google or Yahoo so when a user searches for a particular keyword, it is their name or website that appears first on the list.

Of course, achieving this ranking isn’t a walk in the park, which is why companies have begun hiring professionals specifically for this purpose. If you’re one of them, and currently on the hunt for a search engine optimization expert, here are the 5 main things you should be looking out for.

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Knowledge of the Industry

An SEO expert’s primary role is to implement strategies that increase a company’s searchability among its consumers. Following trends in the industry, analyzing data, and getting to know the market is all part of the job. As such, a person already with in-depth knowledge and expertise in your chosen field is a must.

Being a key person, the decisions they make could potentially have a major effect on your company. If they aren’t familiar with your niche and what’s important to customers, their tactic might not work – or worse, become counter-productive to success.

So when undergoing the hiring process, it would be wise to gauge his or her expertise first. Of course, you don’t need a genius, but just someone who has a good feel of the market. Experience, in this case, has a direct effect on a person’s effectiveness.

Has Above Average Writing Skills

While it’s true that they’re not expected to create the content, knowing how to write and connect with an audience are still substantial qualities to possess. This is no truer today since search engines have been known to favor well-written content over sloppy ones.

Having proper grammar, good sentence construction, and a good writing style are all important skills to have when publishing superior articles. Moreover, this also helps project a strong image of authenticity. When your readers see that the content is professional looking and sounding, there’s a greater chance that they buy into your idea.

Aside from those, your SEO expectations must also be effective with conveying messages creatively. It’s one thing to inform, but a whole different thing to engage, and a good content manager must have both these characteristics.

After all, if users don’t feel connected or move towards action, then what’s the purpose of everything you’re doing, right?

Expertise in Keywords and How to Use Them

One of the most basic approaches to improving SEO is through keywords. Search engines have tagged these words or phrases as the most prominently used users when exploring a particular topic. Therefore, tactically inserting them in your text can heighten overall searchability.

To maximize this methodology, experts will need to know the most popular keywords for your industry, though accessing this is pretty easy. They can utilize Google Trends, Word Stream, or other similar sites. Furthermore, browsing through comments and reviews is another game plan to consider.

Of course, it is equally important to know how to use these. Simply inserting them in your article won’t do the trick; it must be nature, seamless, and recurring. There’s a certain level of density that balances being both effective and exact, and only SEO expert can get this just right.

Passion for Analyzing Figures

Working as a search engine optimization expert, just like most managerial positions, entails studying a lot of data. Each time you share something on a website or social media page, those programs often give you access to the backdoor. Here, your company can track the number of engagements, shares, likes, and other pertinent information.

Studying this data can be tedious, but it has so many benefits for your business. So whenever given the opportunity, you need to employ a person who is both enthusiastic and effective at this type of job. Having a person with this ability gives you a clearer direction, the freedom to customize topics, and ultimately, increase the revenue that is brought in.

Being a Team Player

Having a position in digital marketing will entail a lot of communication with other departments, including sales, content creation, and much more. Consequently, the SEO expert you appoint must not only be good at his or her job but also work well in a team.

At the end of the day, search engine optimization, despite being truly essential, is only a single part to your business’s day-to-day operations. If they exude a poor working attitude, aren’t proactive, or aren’t a team player, then are they really worth the money you’re paying them?

My guess is no, and you might be better off investing in a different option. Though naturally, should you come across someone that ticks off all the boxes with regards to how an employee act, then, by all means, hire them for the position.


Taking the leap of faith with someone is always going to be a risk. In as much as you want to know exactly how things turn out, that never happens. But don’t worry – sometimes the journey is even greater than the result.

Still, even if there is great uncertainty with this process, hiring someone is great is still a very real possibility. So whenever you’re interviewing different SEO experts, we implore you to consider these quintessential qualities. If so – and you’re successfully able to judge their compatibility with your company – then you might just be very pleased with the results.

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