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If you are still a beginner at SEO, it is vital to keep your expectations realistic. First of all, it is important for you to understand the fact that SEO is not a task that is done once and then checked off your list and then forgotten forever. Although, theoretically, you could go to a website and optimize the header and title tags, for instance, your task still won’t be done.
It is a mistake if you think optimizing your site can be done only once and that traffic and leads will continuously come rolling in till the end of time. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common mistakes for a majority of the first timer SEO campaigns.

First, since internet marketing is evolving constantly, it makes SEO an ongoing process. What has been effectively successful for your insurance company last year may not be as successful or no longer work for you this year. The trends in internet marketing evolve along with preferences and consumer habits. This is the same with specific keywords which bring in potential customers to the website.


Absolutely yes! SEO is applied to all types of industries including the insurance industry.
Potential customers are constantly shopping online, and so the target is to execute and create SEO effectively enough to be able to understand the buying habits of the customers which include how they search and shop. Most insurance companies both commercial and private have a good understanding of who their customers are but are not able to understand the way in which they shop online.

Reviews 95%
Social Proofing 95%
Hyper Local 95%
Promotion 95%

This is why keyword research has now become very important and has been successfully implemented in the marketing plan of all insurance companies. As a matter of fact, one of the first things to do in the development of SEO strategy is keyword research. It is all about researching the specific phrases and words that your customers constantly use when they search for insurance services.

You will find out that people actually search for unexpected things in the insurance market. For instance, it is said that, on average, a majority of the people type the phrase “car insurance companies” instead of “auto insurance companies” and fewer people look for “vehicle insurance companies.” Although these things come across as unimportant details, it actually makes a whole lot of difference in how they approach the strategy and even the search engine results if you want to stay at the top of the game.


There are so many factors that make up the SEO marketing. Content is an invaluable component when it comes to optimizing the website for all search engines. You should base your content strategy on the outcome of your competitor analysis, keyword research and even an in depth knowledge of your industry.
Always make sure that your site structure flows nicely and makes sense before drafting copy for the website. No matter how many great contents you have, if your site is hard to navigate, your potential customers and visitors will be annoyed and leave instantly.
Once you have made your site to operate smoothly, consider the keyword research results, the questions your customers ask all the time and other competitor sites that you like. Make sure to address somewhere in your website. If you find a page to be important and you want its value to be recognized by search engines, you simply must add content to it.


A great insurance company website is constantly asking for customer reviews on the Google Business page. The thins is most customers want to leave reviews but don’t because they don’t know how to do it. Don’t just ask if they “can leave a review”. Hold their hand and guide them through the process step by step by making the process simple. Both the old and the new customers should be directed to the review page on the website so that all they will have to do it type and click.


Always make sure your website has social proof, preferably in your home page. This will be quite easy for Advisor Evolved clients.


Own your own backyard before you go out and try to own somebody else’s backyard. You or your company may have the necessary license to sell insurance in several states, but you actually have a higher chance to convert a local resident into your client as compared to another person from another state.
Therefore it helps to know that your content and website should not try to compete with the competitive “head” keywords. Rather, make use of “long tail” and medium keywords which is targeted towards your local area.


Creating great content is not enough. You should also promote it. Having said that, it is more effective to create a great article every month instead of writing blog articles every week. You can invest the rest of the month in promoting your company on your email list, social media, etc.

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