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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management service is all about managing and overseeing your company’s PPC ad spending. It often ad buys and strategies while making sure the expenditure as a whole stays minimal.
  • It can be done by the vendor or e merchant themselves, or you can hire a specialized dedicated company to manage all your PPC purchases.
  • PPC management is commonly viewed as an art form that is still evolving because perfect optimization is really not possible but still remains as the objective.
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Managing PPC effectively centers around several subjects that are interconnected:
• KEYWORD ANALYSIS: Finding and targeting certain search queries and keywords that are entered by potential leads for a certain company.
• CHANNEL STRATEGY: Paid social media placements, affiliate networks, Bing Ads and Google AdWords are some popular channels for you to consider when managing your PPC.
• MONITORING: Monitor the search term reports with close attention to find out which queries or keywords are commonly used, to find their purchases on common searches.
• COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Keep a close eye on strategies and tactics used by the competitors. It is important, but it is also very time consuming. For instance, deciding whether or not to target queries overlooked by a competitor or to directly compete by simply bidding on exact same queries (competitive gap).
• Keeping a close track on the overall ROI and then using that as the guideline for dictating the scope of the ad purchases and the amount paid.
• NEGATIVE MATCH: To optimize ad spends, always filter out the users who fall under a category which makes them less likely to be able to convert. For instance, a high end retailer of fashion might most likely limit their ads to those users who make the top 10% cut in earnings. Physical businesses on the other hand, like hotels and restaurants, will limit their ads locally, within close proximity geographically.
• A/B TESTING: One of the most popularly used methods to optimize the PPC ROI is to split the testing constantly. Graphics, text and other similar display variables are all interchangeably used for finding some of the most effective methods.


While certain businesses may hesitate at the additional expenditure of paying for experts to manage their PPC services, in most cases, it pays for itself by simply increasing the efficiencies.
If you make the cut below, you are probably a good candidate who needs to hire a PPC management specialized company:
• Beginners to online advertising.
• Companies that do not have any in-house advertising team.
• Small companies with less manpower to over see PPC effectively.
• Organizations that cannot afford the commonly expensive software systems and database which is needed for effective PPC management.


Run on Google, Display Network sites and Search Partner sites, Adwords is currently one of the largest platforms for pay-per-click. Launched back in October 2000, Adwords has undergone several kinds of iterations for the past 17 years. Adwords focuses on an entire spectrum of businesses, from the small ones to the Fortune 500.
Bing Ads is similar to AdWords. It is a platform for Pay-Per-Click which shows ads on Yahoo and Bing networks. It also makes use of search partners. It is primarily an advertising based on keyword. Bing Ads currently has over 142 million searchers in its Bing network.


Advertisers can begin by creating individual campaigns and keyword themes. For instance, PPC professionals may come up with a campaign under the theme of “coffee tables.” There are subcategories under this campaign known as ad groups. Such ad groups include:
Round Coffee Tables
Long Coffee Tables
Oval Coffee Tables
Each of the ad groups then has its own variations of themed keywords. For instance, “Oval Coffee Tables” may include keywords like:
Oval coffee tables on sale
Oval coffee tables
Coffee tables oval


A similar match type is assigned to every keyword. It will define any queries for which the ads will be shown. There are currently seven different keyword match types:
EXACT – All queries must be exactly typed in.
CLOSE VARIATION OF THE EXACT – All queries must be exactly typed in but may include other variations and misspellings.
PHRASE – There may be additional terms after or before the query, but it must be typed in the exact order.
CLOSE VARIATION OF THE PHRASE – Query must be typed in the exact order even though there may be additional terms after or before the query.
BROAD – Queries may be typed in any variation and ads will be shown for any similar searches.
MODIFIED BROAD – Queries may be typed in any variation, but terms must be included which has a plus sign.
SESSION BASED BOARD – A kind of broad match which considers other types of queries from the search of the user.


Besides the use of positive terms, one can also add negative keywords for removing any unqualified traffic. For instance, a user who is has typed the phrase “free coffee table” is not really looking to make any purchase. The word “free” is added as a negative keyword by the ad of the advertiser, and hence it will not be shown when such a query with the term is typed. For companies that sell high end products, words like “cheap” and “bargain” will also make for effective negative keywords.


Audiences can be segmented in different ways as groups of users. Often, audiences are commonly used for remarketing. Creating audiences can be based on pages per visit, time that is spent on the site, specific page views, etc. Just like keywords, audiences are also bid upon according to the relevance. For instance, advertisers may have a higher bid in order to remarket to the abandoners of shopping cart compared to homepage viewers.


Specialized PPC management companies have the necessary expertise in such areas, as well as established connections and industry contacts to some of the most influential advertising platforms. They have the potential to enable even disadvantaged online businesses to be on par with large international operations.